Common Mistakes Cellphone and Laptop Owners Make

There’s bound to be some issues when you put together technology and people. This is for sure. A couple of the most common things people do with their tablets and cellphones have unpleasant results.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the errors that people make with their laptops and phones. If you do these things, you might end up bringing your device to a phone and laptop repair Carolina company. 

Not having a Hands-Free Device for Your Vehicle 

A safety measure for the driver and the surrounding motorists is a hands-free device. The driver requires both eyes and hands to safely drive and be able to see up ahead. If the driver’s eyes are on the screen, he/she can’t drive safely. Always keep in mind that being distracted by your smartphone while you are driving is the basis for a distracted driving accident. 

Using the Phone in the Bathroom 

Aside from being the area for a lot of water damage accidents, utilizing your phone inside the bathroom is also nasty. This is particularly true since you cannot utilize rubbing alcohol to clean the coated screen of your device. That’s why it is best to leave your mobile devices outside the bathroom at all times.  

Leaving the Laptop or Cellphone in Heat 

When it comes to hot temperatures, a laptop and a smartphone are more sensitive compared to a small child. You can badly damage your laptop or cellphone even if you simply leave it inside your car for a couple of minutes during a hot sunny day. Other culprits are tucking your phone under your covers or pillow while it is charging and direct sunlight.  

Using an Aftermarket Charger 

While they are extremely affordable, aftermarket chargers can also cause fire damage. The chargers for your phone and laptop are made to shut off the current if your device is done charging. On the other hand, aftermarket chargers don’t have this feature.  

Not Utilizing a Security Code 

If your non-secure laptop or smartphone happens to get borrowed or lost, it can mean anything as brutal as having your business emails leaked to something innocuous as having your photos uploaded to the internet. That’s why it is always best to use a security code for all of your devices.  

Not Having a Screen Protector 

The screen protector of your phone or laptop will act as the shield. If ever you get into some kind of accident and the screen does break, a premium tempered glass screen protector will help keep your screen together. All you’ve got to do is to replace the screen protector. It’s a lot cheaper compared to replacing the LCD screen of your device.  

Not Having a Case 

If you want your phone to have armor, you’ve got to use a case. The better the case, the more chances it will avoid any damages when you accidentally drop your phone. In addition to that, there are a lot of amazing cases out there.  

A sturdy case will help you avoid having to replace your phone.  

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